Your Capital Edge – an entrepreneur’s Crowdfunding resource in getting the funding needed for their idea or business

Your Capital Edge is an entrepreneur’s Crowdfunding secret toolbox. Whether you are about to undertake a reward-based Crowdfunding or an equity based Crowdfunding campaign this website is for you. This website is ideal for entrepreneurs in start-ups, growth-stage companies or small businesses.

Over 60% of Crowdfunding projects fail. You need to increase your odds with the information on this site. Improve your odds by being prepared and armed with the knowledge you need to make you Crowdfunding campaign a success.

Learn the secrets of Crowdfunding success. Your Capital Edge is a system that will guide you through the steps.



You will find  at your finger tips professionally created business management templates that will help you manage an entrepreneurial venture, prepare fundraising campaigns and manage to the next level of growth. All while saving you time and money.

Why start from scratch? You can use our professionally created templates to enhance your business or venture as well as getting the money your company needs to grow.

Crowd Funding Concept.You will find:

  • Reward-based Crowdfunding Campaign Planner
  • Ebooks and articles on the nuances of an Equity or Reward-based Crowdfunding project
  • Business plan templates,
  • Business strategy documents,
  • Investor PowerPoint presentations,
  • Financial models,
  • Capitalization table (cap table),
  • Human Resource plan templates,
  • Non-disclosure agreement samples and templates,
  • Legal disclosure templates,
  • Working balance sheets,
  • Cash-flow statement templates,
  • Market research documents
  • And much more

Your Capital Edge is an entrepreneur’s resource to help you improve your odds of getting the funding you need.

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