Your Capital Edge™ – an entrepreneur’s resource in building a successful Crowdfunding campaign to fund their cause, idea or business

We created this website because we are passionate about Crowdfunding. We see it as a way to help people get the money they need to fund their dreams.

Our Your Capital Edge website is a Crowdfunding toolbox. Whether you are about to undertake a reward-based Crowdfunding or an equity based Crowdfunding campaign this website is for you. This website is ideal for entrepreneurs in start-ups, growth-stage companies, small businesses or people that have a project that they are passionate about.

Over 60% of Crowdfunding projects fail. Don’t let your campaign be part of this statistic.

You need to increase your odds of success with the information, tools, templates and e-books on this site. Be prepared and armed with the knowledge you need to make your  campaign a success.

Learn the Secrets to Crowdfunding Success

What you will find on this website


Practical tips, insights, strategies and tactics to get your campaign organized

Resources at your finger tips to save you time and money

Ways of avoiding the most common Crowdfunding mistakes

Learn the latest techniques in  campaigning

Tools, templates, e-books, blog articles and much more

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Stop being over-whelmed  in planning you reward based Crowdfunding campaign.

With this great tool you will be able to systematically plan and execute all of the details to get the money to fund your idea, business or cause.

This step by step planning tool can guide you through the details in creating a successful campaign. This Krush™ campaign planner is filled with tools, templates, questions and tips to help you plan your campaign.


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