Do you need to know how to start a business, be a successful entrepreneur, need to know how to raise capital, implement innovative ideas or know how to grow your company?

Your Capital Edge is an entrepreneur’s secret toolkit, providing professionally created business management templates that will help you start a company, raise capital, create investor presentations, formulate an HR plan, secure financing, locate Angel Investors, and make accurate cash-flow projections while saving you time and money.

Why start from scratch? You can use our professionally created templates to enhance your business or start-up. We offer:

  • business plan templates,
  • business strategy documents,
  • investor PowerPoint presentations,
  • financial models,
  • capitalization tables (cap tables),
  • HR plan templates,
  • non-disclosure agreement samples and templates,
  • legal disclosure templates,
  • working balance sheets,
  • cash-flow statement templates,
  • market research documents

Your Capital Edge an entrepreneurs resource saves you time and money by allowing you to simply add your company’s information to the templates, no set up involved.

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