Building Enterprise Value – Part 2

Building enterprise value is about building confidence in the perceived value of a company’s business. One way to promote this confidence is through third-party validation. This involves having external sources to the company (such as customers, partners, regulatory bodies or other credible organizations) step forward to provide aligned support for the company. For example, validation could […]

Good corporate structure and governance practices- don’t take them for granted

Corporate Structure The corporate structure selected by entrepreneurs is generally based upon three considerations: control, liability and taxes. There are several corporate structures to choose from: sole proprietorship, general and limited partnerships and incorporation. To raise equity capital the structure necessary should be a separate legal entity in the form of a corporation. This has […]

Debt versus Equity

Before you begin to hunt for capital, it is important to know the kind of capital you need and when and why you need it. There are basically two capital pool types. The first is debt; the second is equity.  Debt Capital Debt capital is probably most familiar to entrepreneurs, as debt is often what […]

Is Crowdfunding Disruptive?

Is Crowdfunding disruptive? If you take the word disruptive to mean disturbing or upsetting what is currently in the funding ecosystem – my quick answer is to say no. I think there are very complementary aspects to Crowdfunding in the capital raising ecosystem. In my opinion, it is just another arrow in the entrepreneur’s quiver […]

The Five Fallacies of Strategy Planning

Okay, we have seen this before. Business executives hustle off for a strategic planning retreat with their briefing binders in hand and the burning desire to come out of a planning session armed with a revitalized and innovative business direction for the company. Didn’t this happen last year?   Remember the sacred strategy document that […]

Death of Due Diligence

Isn’t it interesting how words can creep into our business vocabulary and have completely different meanings from their etymological roots?  Here are a few words that bear little resemblance to their original meaning:  Traction – defined as the act of drawing something over a surface.  Today in business it relates to a company’s ability to […]

4 Basic Do’s and Don’ts for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

The success stories of Crowdfunding may have inadvertently branded it as the sure-fire method to raising capital. At a time when the traditional methods have become increasingly complicated, ambitious entrepreneurs are now looking at Crowdfunding as the platform for them to achieve their dreams. The overzealous entrepreneur could hastily jump on the Crowdfunding bandwagon and […]