More Crowdfunding Resources

We will be providing a growing array of Crowdfunding and business management resources . In the download drop down menu you will find products that are either free  or you can pay a reasonable amount to download. Please check them out today.

You will note the following icons. These indicate:

YCE badge acrobat document  A PDF document with valuable insights into Crowdfunding campaigning and financing efforts


YCE tool badge  A tool for you to use in your Crowdfunding efforts and business management

YCE excel badge  An excel model template you can use for Crowdfunding and business activities



We don’t stop there.

We have put together some useful videos, books and links to information developed by other people we think will be useful to you. We will be adding to this content in the months ahead.

If you need something and you can’t find it give us a shout and we’ll see if we can find or make it for you.


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